Case Studies

Time is of the Essence

We were instructed by a solicitor to carry out a probate valuation at a large family estate. The first spouse had recently passed away and the second spouse was now going into a care home.  The family were in a rush to raise funds for care home fees, so were keen to get the house empty and sold as quickly as possible. 


The family were worried about security, and items left in an empty home. We attended quickly, and valued and collected in excess of 180 items which contributed £94,000 to the beneficiaries.

classic photography camerascollection of old knives in intricately patterned sheaths
ancient roman bust of man with eyes closed and floral wreathancient carved statue of woman

Undiscovered for 40 Years

Whilst carrying out a probate valuation at a property in Surrey, we discovered boxes in the loft that had been untouched for 40 years, containing pottery wrapped in newspaper. Our valuer immediately recognised them as being Martinware pottery, a Victorian pottery factory known for their very rare and sought after grotesque figures.


There were over 40 pieces which were subsequently sold in a dedicated auction, attracting global interest. The entire collection sold for £155,000. The beneficiaries of the estate had no idea of the value of these items.

Coins of the Realm 

On inheriting his father’s coin collection, a gentleman thought that perhaps one or two of the pieces could be of value. Our team of experts examined the coins in detail and discovered a mix of early 17th century hammered gold and silver coins, the earliest example dating as far back as 1604. 


We catalogued and marketed the collection to a global audience of buyers and coin collectors. The collection sold for £180,000 and the family were delighted to witness such a fitting tribute to their father’s memory. 


antique vase with butterfly patternmirrored image of blue painted vase
beautiful gold rings on female handscollection of classic rings

Care Home Fees Solved

We were called to a Bungalow in London as the elderly owner was going into a care home, and her family desperately needed to raise funds for care home fees.

Sadly there was nothing of any commercial value in the whole property, until we went into the final room, and hanging above her bed was a Renaissance painting.


Our valuer immediately recognised it as being something special. After extensive research, it was attributed to the 15th century Italian artist Filippo Lippi. The painting drew global interest and after a heated 10 minute bidding battle, the gavel came down at £255,000. The family were delighted as they were able to provide a much better quality of care to their relative.